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Recycled Concrete Gold Coast delivered to the Greater Gold Coast and Tweed Regions

  • Recycled Concrete┬á

    We specialise in recycled Concrete Materials Servicing the Gold Coast and Tweed Regions

    On the Gold Coast Recycled concrete is an attractive option for Contractors, involved with drainage, paving and road building etc. Also Recycled concrete limits the destruction of land for aggregate mining.

    The Gold Coast City council has tough environmental restrictions over the opening of new Quarries, zoning requirements and public outcry not in my backyard sensibilities limit the possibility or increase the cost of starting new ones. For building and demolition contractors landfill space is scarce, especially in urban areas. The demolition waste fees rise as construction waste increases and the number of accessible landfills sites decreases.

  • Quality Aggregates

    Switching to Gold Coast Gravel Supplies is a smart move for the environment

    The cost per tonne is cheaper than the quarried products and Gold Coast Gravels products are also lighter giving a gain in product per load.

    The crushing characteristics of hardened concrete are similar to those of natural rock and are not significantly affected by the grade or quality of the original concrete. Recycled concrete aggregates produced from all but the poorest quality original concrete can be expected to pass the same tests required of conventional aggregates. Recycled concrete can serve as a stable bed or firm foundation in which to lay underground utilities. In this scenario, recycled concrete aggregate serves as a replacement of virgin aggregate. This use of recycled concrete aggregate is economical and there is huge savings in the yield and transportation costs.

  • Caring for our Environment

    Gold Coast Gravel Supplies was founded on the need for Quality recycled concrete products for discerning business people on the Gold Coast. Our Road Base CBR 45 is one of our Top sellers along with drainage range and Top Soil. Gold Coast Gravel Supplies is here for the long haul to bring you our customers the best quality materials and price to forge a strong business relationship.

    Recycled Roadbase out performs virgin materials helpful information

    The City of Canning used sub-base (lower grade) and base course (higher grade) made from recycled concrete to upgrade Welshpool Road in Welshpool. The City of Canning used alternative test methods to those in the Main Roads WA 501 Specification to test the pavement materials. It was reported that the recycled concrete road base materials out performed road base made from virgin materials. Produced recycled concrete can perform as an alternative base course to base course made from virgin quarry materials. The Main Roads WA and the Southern Gateway Alliance have approved the use of recycled concrete base course in a section of trial pavements proposed for the new Perth Bunbury Highway. A primary outcome from the project is in relation to the Perth Bunbury Highway test pavement with the Main Roads WA providing a specific amendment to its 501 Specification to accommodate locally made recycled concrete base course on the Perth Bunbury Highway without compromising the overall performance of the road pavement.

    Recycled concrete Roadbase has many advantages over traditional quarry based road bases
    The premier base material from an environmental objective. Official estimates they have up to 65% less carbon footprint compared to traditional quarry processes. This is a massive amount of saving in terms of Carbon-dioxide emissions. Natural resources are preserved that are used in quarry processes such as rock and sand.

    Be part of the long list of Contractors, Builders, and the home handyman switching to Recycled Products
    Eco friendly, cost saving lighter than virgin quarry products save 20% on comparable products.