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Sand Gravel and Soil Suppliers Quality Sands at discount prices delivered on time every time.


  • Gold Coast Washed Coarse River Sand

    Screened washed medium coarse river sand, cheapest on the Gold Coast.
    Washed River Sand is also Commonly used for mixing concrete
    Horse arena Sand for the Gold Coast equestrians, areas where drainage is a problem, as a base under our under turf Soil for that perfect bowling green lawn.

  • Fill/Bedding Sand

    Put under pool liners. Can also be used to sweep between pavers & mixed with concrete powder to fix cracks in concrete.

    Screened to be used under slab or to fill level and prep areas for final landscaping.

    Fill sand is a natural blend of sand that is screened. This is a material used primarily for under slabs and fill. There is no organic matter added to it and it compacts very well. Fill sand can be worked by hand. As it is generally used as for under pavers concrete and with lawns, it will need to be top-dressed with a soil before a garden or lawn is planted. Fill sand can be used for back-filling holes or trenches where good compaction is required (e.g. where something will be built over the filled area) or filling in areas by hand that other soils are too expensive for.

  • Brickies Premium Loam

    We have sourced the best loam available it is a Light Grey/Cream colour. Brickies loam is a little fattier then washed sand and is mainly used as a base sand for making mortar that is used for laying bricks, block work, garden edging, stepping stones and fish ponds.

    As the name implies this is the preferred sand of bricklayers. It is also referred to as fatty sand, brick sand and brickie’s sand. It has a clay component, up to 30 per cent by weight, which makes it sticky. When blended with cement and lime to make mortar, the resulting mix is termed ‘fatty’, which means it is easy to work when laying bricks, as it is compressible and oozes out of the joints.

    A major component of brick- and block-laying mortar and bagging for walls.