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Turf supplies Gold Coast for trades and public we deliver anywhere on the Gold Coast and Tweed


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    Create perfect Lawns

    Turf Supplies by Gold Coast Gravel, Create your perfect lawn with our premium Turf and screened Soils, Our team can prep supply and lay inquire today.

  • SAPPHIRE BUFFALO  $10.50m2

    Sapphire Turf supplied Gold Coast Gravel Supplies is the best available Buffalo grass in Australia for shade. Sapphire Buffalo Grass has rapid growth across the ground, allowing it to cope well with high traffic situations. Sapphire is drought tolerant grass that also holds its green colour well during the winter months.sapphire-turf-by-gold-coast-gravel-supplies

    • High performance, soft leaf buffalo
    • Minimal thatching – unlike other buffalo varieties
    • Very hard wearing
    • Shade tolerant
    • Different to other buffalo grass’s as it has a finer texture
    • Maintains a great colour through winter
    • Thrives in hot/humid desert areas
    • Recovers well from injury
    • Best used in residential/commercial areas and parks
    • Deep rooted system makes it very drought tolerant
    • Very soft to touch compared to other buffalo varieties
    • Outcompetes weeds very well
    • Low allergenic- 39% lower seed head score compared to other varieties


    Wintergreen by Gold Coast Gravel Supplies is considered the best low-maintenance all-round turf in the market. Tolerating warm weather and filtered sunlight, Wintergreen is ideal for most domestic and sport applications. The leaf has a fine to medium texture and has excellent drought and wear tolerance.Wintergreen Couch Gold Coast Gravel Supplies

    • Fine leaf grass with a medium green colour
    • One of the most drought tolerant grasses available
    • Low maintenance year round
    • Low cost
    • Small, fine leaf
    • Grows best in full sun
    • Tolerant to low mowing
    • Extremely hard wearing due to its deep root system
    • Good salt tolerance, great for coastal areas
    • Minimal watering and mowing in winter as it goes dormant in the colder months

     Empire Zoysia $10.50

    Empire Zoysia supplied by Gold Coast Gravel Supplies is a fine leafed grass which is very soft to touch. Empire has excellent wear tolerance and thrives year round in Queensland. Empire generally requires less watering and has been proven to need one third of the mowing compared to other varieties.empire-zoysia-quality-turf-by-gold-coast-gravel-supplies


    • Tolerates extreme wear
    • Good in moderate shade
    • Good winter colour
    • Relatively finer leaf
    • Competes well with weeds
    • Requires less mowing than any other commercially grown turf in Australia
    • No grass can look so good with such little water
    • Perfect for coastal areas as it has excellent salt tolerance
    • Performs well in both sandy and clay soil types
    • Especially resistant to lawn grubs in comparison to most other grass types