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Bulk Mulch Supplies Gold Coast and Brisbane We supply in bulk so you save


  • Tea Tree Mulch

    Tea Tree Mulch

    Tea Tree Mulch suppliers Gold Coast.

    Buy the best quality Tea Tree Mulch blend available on the Gold Coast Public at wholesale prices.

    Termite safe tea tree mulch actually repels Termites away. Our product is free of chemicals, weeds and seeds.

    Enhance the look of your garden, tea tree mulch breaks down slowly and lasts for quite a while keeping gardens looking better for longer. Tea Tree mulch Contains a wide variety of plant nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potash) which compost down to enrich the soil and also inhibits weed growth. Tea Tree Mulch is highly absorbent allowing water to freely penetrate.Tea Tree mulch also reduces need for watering as its natural qualities enhance moisture retention.

  • Mulch Gold Coast

    Bush Mulch

    Bush Mulch is a popular alternative to the dearer boutique mulches .

    We supply a medium and a double grind Mulch delivered in bulk to save you money.

    These Mulches are popular with gardeners, builders, developers, Schools and Council parks.They add a professional finished touch to any garden.

    Bush Mulch has been ground in a commercial grinder and is great for covering large areas as the cost per m3 is lower than the higher priced mulches.Our mulch have been further processed and ground to help retain water and break down nutrients quicker to sustain a healthy garden environment.

  • Mulch Gold Coast

    Native Fines Mulch

    Native fines Mulch top seller of 2018 .

    Our Native fines are a special blend of local native trees that have been ground then Mulched for optimum natural breakdown.

    The organics when broken down over time will give any Garden beds or Veggie gardens a healthy long life delivering needed nutrients and aiding in water retention.

    This product is very popular with our Commercial and trade customers and retains its color for a very long time.

    People who purchase our Organic Garden Soil have also purchased this product.

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