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The best Quality Top Soil on the Gold Coast. We deliver 6 days a week.

Gold Coast Gravel and Soil Supplies have experts on the phone waiting to help you on your next project.

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Topsoil the best Screened available Gold Coast, Top Soil is the upper outermost layer of ground usually the top 5.1 cm to 20 cm. It has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms and is where most of the Earth’s biological soil activity occurs. Our Topsoil mix is a screened loam with sand, Blended for perfect lawns seeding and general top dress and site leveling.

We deliver 6 days a week

When seeding remember not to put top soil over grass seed, you are best add a thin layer of organic matter to help the seed to germinate though thats all and water.

Dont forget also to feed your lawn every 4-8 weeks until it is well established, then we recommend twice a year to keep it healthy and green.




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