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Gold Coast Gravel Supplies specialize in Recycled Concrete Materials and aggregate products, delivered to your site 6 days a week.

30-70mm Recycled Gravel perfect as a drainage media behind retaining walls and suitable for Construction Sites as a shake down for trucks.

Recycled Concrete gravels

Recycled Gravel

Drainage Gravels available for delivery are
40mm Gravel
20mm Gravel
10mm Gravel
05mm Gravel

Roadbase is a very popular product to use as a Hardstand or Rural Driveways, Its CBR 45 rating has it as a top seller with great compaction properties.

Recycled Concrete Roadbase

Recycled roadbase

Recycled Crusher Dust is a 7mm minus that is great as a under slab/subbase for Under concrete

Crusher Dust Gold Coast

Crusher Dust/Cracker Dust

The Recycled material is an attractive option for Contractors, involved with drainage, paving and road building etc. Buying Recycled limits the destruction of land for aggregate mining.
Aggregates produced from all but the poorest quality original concrete can be expected to pass the same tests required of conventional Gravels. Recycled concrete can serve as a stable bed or firm foundation in which to lay underground utilities. In this scenario, The aggregate serves as a replacement of virgin aggregate. This use of concrete aggregate is economical and there is huge savings in the yield and transportation costs.

Please call for pricing options and recommendation on finding the right product of your application.

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