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Roadbase Suppliers for Construction and Trade, Public also welcome

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            Roadbase is used in areas of heavy traffic like road construction, haul roads, hardstands etc it is available as a CBR 15 2.5, CBR 45 2.3, and a CBR 60 2.1.

            Scalps is also available and is a cheaper alternative for certain projects.
            Gold Coast Gravel Supplies Roadbase is manufactured for maximum Compaction . Ideal for Driveways, Site access roads, Hardstands, Site sheds, rural access, Road and pavement construction.
            A blend of aggregates and fines that compacts to make a stable hard base. It is most resistant to water erosion.

            We recommend Hinterland Driveways for Driveway and hardstand Construction they can be contacted on 0756188883

            Their website


The production of Roadbase, involves taking a range of various aggregate sizes made during the crushing process and blending them into a balanced formula that produces the required outcome. The Roadbase must meet the specified requirements of grading ie workability, placeability, strength, density, long-term durability and appearance. For this reason the Roadbase supplier needs to clearly understand the properties of the aggregate constituents intended to be used in the Roadbase, so repeatable and reproducible measurable engineering properties can be achieved in the final product.

Roadbase driveways Gold Coast and tweed

Roadbase Driveways

Water and Compaction

The quantity of water within a specific Roadbase blend is critical to enable the particles to come together during placement and compaction in a manner that allows as much air as possible to be removed and only aggregate particles left to fill the voids within the rock skeleton. This will ensure that even distribution of all the particles throughout the mix, has occurred even after compaction has taken place. Too little water within the roadbase during placement and compaction can have the effect of allowing particles to segregate or be broken down and thus in situations density will not be able to be obtained. Too much water and the overwork required to dry back can further breakdown aggregate particles and lead to segregation affecting the ability to obtain proper compaction within that roadbase layer.

Improper compaction can lead to a multitude of issues and ultimately pavement failure in a shorter time than allowed for in the design. One of the main issues arising from under compaction of road base layers will be rutting of the surface.
This will be due to the movement of particle during cycles of wetting and drying during the life of the pavement.

Gold Coast Gravel and Soil can supply Roadbase made to spec for any type job please call to enquire.

Please call for pricing options and recommendation on finding the right product of your application.


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